Canucks Sports & Entertainment

Vancouver-based Score Marketing Inc. is excited to announce its appointment as Official Sponsorship Sales Agency of Canucks Sports & Entertainment.

This unique arrangement will have Score Marketing Inc. complement the work of Canucks Sports & Entertainment’s in-house Corporate Partnerships team.

“This enables us to have meaningful conversations with exponentially more brand decision-makers” says Trent Carroll, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Canucks Sports & Entertainment. “Score Marketing Inc. has extensive sponsorship knowledge and an impressive track-record for creating smart, sustainable partnerships”.

The team at Score Marketing Inc. – who have stickhandled a number of high-profile sponsorship deals – is equally as excited about the opportunity. “We’re proud to be working with one of the most prominent brands in British Columbia”, says Founder and Managing Director Garnet Nelson. “The Canucks aggregate reach, audience, and engagement level throughout the province is exceptional – we’re excited about the sponsorship possibilities”.

To learn more about partnership opportunities with Canucks Sports & Entertainment, please contact