Our Services for Properties

Score Marketing Inc. sponsorship professionals have the skills and experience necessary to expertly guide sponsorship property owners through the very unique sponsorship sales process – ultimately helping property rights-holder to find amazing corporate partners while maximizing overall revenue potential.


We help you to identify and organize the sponsorship assets you have (existing assets, as well as new potential considerations).


We help you to accurately determine what your sponsorship assets are worth.


We work with you to create overall sponsorship structure, which includes allocation of rights and benefits, customized category/target development, and package pricing.


We help your property to develop your own unique sponsorship strategy, customized sales plan, and approach methodology.


We can support your in-house sponsorship sales team or even lead the sales process, depending on the unique needs of your event or organization.

Sales Counsel

We stay closely connected to you through every step of the way. We’re available to provide advice and counsel whenever and wherever it’s required.